Wednesday, 14 July 2010

WOYWW Wedding Invitations

Its Wednesday! Time to show off you work spaces and what you have been up to. Pop over to Julia's for a little peek around all the lovely desks!

This week I have been making up a few wedding invitation samples for a few friends of a friend.

One of the colour schemes was green and ivory and I made up two samples for her.
I was trying to be arty on my mums mirrored table but not sure that it has worked!

Although I agreed to literally make them at cost price, she still thought they were too expensive and is going to try and make her own! Oh well.
I would so love to get my own site and do invites as a business but cannot afford the site at the moment!

I want to do a wedding fayre but would like to have a site beforehand so people can have a browse, but you don't want a cheap rubbish site as it gives the wrong impression....CATCH 22!

Anyway, babbling on...supposed to be keeping this brief!

Have a lovely day people

Carly xxxx


Helen said...

Good luck with with wedding fayre!

Alix said...

i guess you have to take a leap of faith at some time...and your samples are lovely :0)
*go for it*

joey said...

Hi Carly

your samples are beautiful and gorgeous colours, go for it !!! people always want wedding stationary


angeleef said...

I stumbled across a site yesterday where you can have a FREE webshop. So if you want to have your own site, it is possible!

It's a shame that some people don't understand how much money goes into our craft (exluded the hours it takes to make them). We are missunderstood here :) Your friend will find out if she makes the cards herself!

** Evi **

Nicks said...

I have done a couple of peoples wedding invites, one I did as their present - dont think they realised that it cost me over £100 and another at cost for a dear friend, she was surprised at the cost (but wasnt complaining), it mounts up!

Stressed Stamper said...

She will find out the hard way...time and cost of the materials and the skill - which you have and she probably does not - just make sure she does not copy off your idea. I sell all my cards at £1.50 which is nothing these days as yes your time is precious...Good Luck with everything you do

Linda Elbourne said...

She is soooo gonna regret that decision and let's hope she comes up with her own designs! Good Luck with the wedding fair and why not start with an ebay shop ... build from there X

Rosie said...

She'll be back when she discovers
a) it's harder than it looks
b) she can't buy the stuff for less
and even if she isn't, who needs customers like that? Your samples are very elegant.

Wendy said...

these look really pretty

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Very pretty invites. Hope you get to take a leap one day into your own venture, fingers crossed. Have a good day, Tracy Evans x

Doone said...

I like the green and ivory combo

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

such elegant invites! love the green colour combo, hugs m xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The Catch 22 is often how to get people to understand how expensive these invites are to make and the time it takes to do it. Many times artists are undervalued for their work, not just their designs and abilities. Have you considered starting a blog where you could sell your wares? They could e-mail you until you could afford a paypal shopping cart. Just a thought, and Happy WOYWW. I wasn't brief, either :>)

Sue said...

Hi Carly
your samples are beautiful, i dont think people realise how much time n money go into making them, i hope you get your own site one day hun, have good day, sue,x

Anonymous said...

There's no accounting for people is there? As others have said, she'll find out the hard way how much it all costs and how much time it will take too, another factor most people don't think about. Your samples are so nice too, perhaps she'll be back!


mckinkle said...

Superb samples, your friend has a big surprise coming!

Good luck with your venture, from little acorns grow big oak trees!

Keryn x

Tracy said...

Unfortunately people just don't appreciate how much time it takes to make these things - never mind the cost of materials. As others have said, she'll find out the hard way and I'm sure she'll regret the decision to make her own, people usually do!

You could start a website in the form of a blog - you could even add a page to your existing blog to start off with. Also a Facebook page is another option.

Good luck with it and persevere!

Tracy :)x

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Your samples are beautiful and I hope you'll be successful in getting your dream off the ground.


Spyder said...

I was here yesterday, honest but blogger was stopping me getting into loads of blogs, so I'm doing the rounds again today, so stop me if you've heard this already!!..... I said....(so this time I've used paste and copy!) your weddning invites are fabulous, really nice, now, how many more have you got to make...I used photo glue for all the inserts, that way, if you make a mistake and have to swap in the insides they come out easy... (I had to remove 40!! but all was ok in the end!!

Julia Dunnit said...

I agree with rosie. And a site is helpful useful and also gets your ideas copied...just get word of mouth and local stuff first,,go for it, your work is lovely.

Hels Sheridan said...

I love your invites, so classy.. I reckon your pal will regret her decision.. if I were getting married then I would have picked you :O)) *to make my wedding invites, not to marry, obviously, cos that just would be toooooo weird... I mean, we don't even know each other ... and... you aren't a boy, and I am already married... and I reckon I should shut up now cos I am babbling... youknowwhatimean... dontcha??* LMAO

FlipSyde said...

I love your samples - I think they are understated and have class.

Maz said...

Your samples are lovely - you should go for it with the invites. I know the trend is to make your own but A LOT of people don't want the hassle! x