Wednesday, 30 June 2010


It's Wednesday again, so that can only mean one thing! WOYWW! Time to show off our desks

I've finished the giant cushions for my son's Wendy House (no thanks to the rubbish sewing machine!) I had to hand stitch all the zips as the zip foot wouldn't work and it just aboout held out for the straight stitching although it messed up everytime I tried to reverse stitch! Time to invest in a new one I think. If anyone can recommend a a good cheap machine with just simple stitches etc, I would be grateful.

Sorry this isn't my actual desk but have not managed any other crafting this week. Looking forward to looking at some nice spaces this Wednesday

Carly xx

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

WOYWW Time...A whole load of confusion!

Time to show off our desks (or disgrace ourselves).

My desk is very confused at the moment. I am getting back into sewing and have loads of projects going on at once like I always do. The sewing machine man came yesterday to service my machine as it didn't want to play anymore.. He got it working fine and he demonstrated everything and all was good. I was so excited. I made a start as soon as he left and that was when it all begain...... I was there for two hours trying to sew in a zip using the zip foot and I got so upset I had a tantrum with tears and everything! I have a teething son at the moment who likes to be awake for 3 hours at a time in the middle of the time so I am feeling very tearful at the moment anyway but this has now just finished me off! Plus, I feel embarrassed calling this guy back after everything was fine when he was doing it! How soft am I? I hate people to think I'm stupid and I feel really embarrassed phoning him back. I paid £49 as well.
Anyway so all the material for the oversized cushions is on my desk (the sewing machine was taken away and put in the kitchen before I had a full breakdown!)
I have also got my 99p Store frame which I have put two coats of paint on. The paint hasbn't covered completely but I think this adds to the effect.
At the top sitting on my printer is a card for my brothers dog (we are big on dogs and have birthday parties and all sorts for them).
In the top right hand corner is a greek yogurt pot with my first set of promarkers in. It is waiting to be decorated (it will be waiting a long time I tell you!).
Other points of interest are Frankie's milk bottle and a stitch ripper which I used to undo all the machines mistakes! For the record, if I had just stuck to hand sewing, I woud have one cushion done by now.
I have Julias desk on my computer screen!
Lastly at the very top you can see a pair of feet. This is Mildred!

I bought Mildred from a craft fayre in Woburn from a lady who sculpts all her own models. I love her and she keeps watch over my desk and witnesses all of my tantrums! my beloved nan is in the picture behind her. I talk to her quite a lot!

Anyway, I can hear Frankie so I'm off to get him out of his cot and have another cry (maybe) LOL

Can't wait to have a nose around everyones desks

Carly xxx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Completely Hand Sewn Clutch Bag

I have made a few bags and purses before and am keen to sell a few on Ebay to see how I get on. I came across a great pattern for sale over on http://noodleheads.blogspot.com/

Noodleheads is an inspirational blog bursting full of fantastic ideas, Anna is a genius!

Here is my first attempt at the gathered clutch. My sewing machine doesn't want to play at the moment so I did this completely by hand which took a couple of evenings to complete.

I am pleased with how it turned out and I can't wait to make another (next time hopefully using a sewing machine). I am actually sitting here now waiting for the sewing machine repair man to turn up!

Carly xx

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Jeremy Kyle Father's Day Card

My husband and I have an ongoing joke about Jeremy Kyle and he can do a great impression of him! He does early and late shifts and when he is on lates, he will sometimes watch it (the shame of it)
Anyway, I thought I'd make him a funny card for Fathers Day using one of the many sayings he uses over and over again!
Carly x

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Cupcake Stickers From Poundland

Just been to the brand new Poundland in Milton Keynes. We had a small one but now we have a mahooooosive one! It was being opened by Joe Swash LOL. Ironically, he was charging £3 for an autograph, should have been £1 in Poundland!

Anyway, got these fab cupcake stickers from there. Great bargain. Have bought many stickers from there in the past but these are definitely my favourite so far! (The stickers are on A4 card, just to give you an idea how big these are)

Carly x

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I would like to submit this card into the following Challenges-
Cupcake Craft Challenge 95 - One For The Boys

Incy Wincy Designs Challenge 45 - One For The Guys

Totally Gorjuss Challenge 34 - For The Boys

Cards For Men Challenge 12 - Fathers Day

WOYWW Fathers Day Card

As you can see from the pictures, my desk is a mess! I am busy making cards for Fathers Day (My Dad, Father-In-Law, Husband blah blah blah)

I saw an idea a few months ago in an issue of Papercraft Inspirations which I have been wanting to make for a while.
It was a shed design card which I have adapted slightly. I found a roll of wood effect sticky back plastic in Hobbycraft for 49p which I thought would be great to use for the shed.
I cut the card into a shed shape and then added strips of covered card for the roof and decorative diamond. I then cut the door out which I struggled with! Not as neat as I would like but not bad for a first attempt. I then added hinges and a sign which I inked and then added tacks using a silver pen (brads would have been better).

I then made some flower pots and a spade out of card (I have just ordered a Sizzix Big Shot which I cannot wait to start using! It would have been great for this sort of card.)

To finish it off I added some punched flowers and leaves.
Am reasonably happy but it could do with being a bit neater and I am going to cover the inside of the card with the wood effect on my second attempt to see if it looks a bit better.
The front of the card is a little flimsy after cutting the door out so need to strengthen it a bit. I did add some flower pots inside hoping this would strengthen but this hasn't worked.
As always, the inside of my card has let it down. I am never very good when it comes to the insides of cards!

If anyone has any tips on how I can improve this card, I would be grateful
Anyway, I'm off to have another go
Carly x

2nd Attempt!!!!!

Looks a little better I think
Carly x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

B Wise and Poundstretcher Bargains

Just wanted to share a few bargains that I bought on Sunday.

I got two sets of mini beads from B Wise for £1 each which Ithought was a bargain! I am planning to make a few purses and use these on the embroidery. They come in cute little jars which I am sure I can do something crafty with. Am thinking 'message in a bottle' sort of thing?

I also got two sets of wooden animal stickers and some Sarah Kay stickers which are lovely. Does anyone remember Sarah Kay?
Carly x

Sunday, 13 June 2010


I bought this book a while ago as I really want to do a bit of embroidery. It is a great book with step by step pictures and starter projects.

Carly x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Frankie's Invitations Made and Sent

I have just finished the invitations for my son Frankie's Christening. Relatively pleased with them but can't help thinking something is missing!

I have done my usual trick and spent so much time on projects for other people, I have rushed my own personal project. Do all crafters do that or is it just me?

I have a scrapbook waiting to be done (for myself) but it never seems to get done as I am always doing other things. If I ever get round to it, I am going to try and put as much effort in as when I am making things for others!

Carly x

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

More Carboot Bargains!

These are the goodies I brought back from the second carboot of the weekend!
I love old advertising and have filled most of the walls in my house with it! I have now moved on to magnets as they take up a lot less space. I got these for 20p each!

I then got this pretty hook for 20p (not sure why everything was going for 20p but who am I to complain! I hardly ever haggle as I get too embarrassed) This is to keep my necklaces tidy. I did have them on adhesive hooks from the pound shop but they have all fallen off the wall now!

Lastly I got 4 Laura Ashley cushion covers for £1! These are my favourite bargains this weekend. I spotted the pretty material and was aiming to purchase them just so I could cut them up for other projects, but when I saw they were Laura Ashley, I had to leave them as cushions!
Carly x