Wednesday, 23 June 2010

WOYWW Time...A whole load of confusion!

Time to show off our desks (or disgrace ourselves).

My desk is very confused at the moment. I am getting back into sewing and have loads of projects going on at once like I always do. The sewing machine man came yesterday to service my machine as it didn't want to play anymore.. He got it working fine and he demonstrated everything and all was good. I was so excited. I made a start as soon as he left and that was when it all begain...... I was there for two hours trying to sew in a zip using the zip foot and I got so upset I had a tantrum with tears and everything! I have a teething son at the moment who likes to be awake for 3 hours at a time in the middle of the time so I am feeling very tearful at the moment anyway but this has now just finished me off! Plus, I feel embarrassed calling this guy back after everything was fine when he was doing it! How soft am I? I hate people to think I'm stupid and I feel really embarrassed phoning him back. I paid £49 as well.
Anyway so all the material for the oversized cushions is on my desk (the sewing machine was taken away and put in the kitchen before I had a full breakdown!)
I have also got my 99p Store frame which I have put two coats of paint on. The paint hasbn't covered completely but I think this adds to the effect.
At the top sitting on my printer is a card for my brothers dog (we are big on dogs and have birthday parties and all sorts for them).
In the top right hand corner is a greek yogurt pot with my first set of promarkers in. It is waiting to be decorated (it will be waiting a long time I tell you!).
Other points of interest are Frankie's milk bottle and a stitch ripper which I used to undo all the machines mistakes! For the record, if I had just stuck to hand sewing, I woud have one cushion done by now.
I have Julias desk on my computer screen!
Lastly at the very top you can see a pair of feet. This is Mildred!

I bought Mildred from a craft fayre in Woburn from a lady who sculpts all her own models. I love her and she keeps watch over my desk and witnesses all of my tantrums! my beloved nan is in the picture behind her. I talk to her quite a lot!

Anyway, I can hear Frankie so I'm off to get him out of his cot and have another cry (maybe) LOL

Can't wait to have a nose around everyones desks

Carly xxx


Helen said...

Hope your teething son stops soon (that doesn't really sound right, but you know what I mean!!) Sometimes it's good to have a tantrum!

minnie_mac said...

Thanks for the interesting snoop.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the new promarkers! Enjoy them, you will be addicted in no time!

Sue said...

happy sewing, lovely material, luv Mildred, bit like me in the mornings! lol, have good day, sue,x

joey said...

Hiya Carly

oh i sympathise I have a teething baby and she is driving herself nuts and driving me nuts too bless I wish there was more we could do for them, loving that polka dot fabric!


scrapcat 1 said...

hope the sore mouth goes soon and your sewing machine behaves now

Wipso said...

At least you are amongst friends here. Hope the painful teething settles down soon cos I'm sure is even worse for him :-(
Big hugs,
A x

Thistleblue said...

Great looking desk, love your spotty fabric! Hope your sewing machine gets sorted again soon! Hope your son's mouth feels better much sooner! and don't worry about crying, we've all got to release in some way and crying is as good a way as any!
thanks for sharing
have a great day

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ah, pity Mildred can't keep an eye on Franki while you have a snooze LOL Being tired makes mountains out of molehills so it's to be expected that you got so upset. Hope you manage to sort out the machine.
Anne xx

Leanne said...

Oooh I'm loving Mildred - she is fantastic!

Happy WOYWW Day!

Leanne xx

Sunshine Girl said...

Sorry to hear you have a teething child - I know it can be upsetting but it really doesnt last that long honest! I know it feels like a lifetime when they go through that stage but you will soon catch up on sleep. Love the material and be warned about the promarkers they are very addictive - I only bought a pack to test too and now I have nearly 100!

Darcy said...

oh no sorry to hear your little one isn't giving you much peace, it will pass though like most things and then you will wonder where the time went. I do hope you get time to finish your cushions, I am a sucker for spotty stuff lol

Love your Mildred, she's brill.

Pam said...

You poor thing, hopefully you will get some sleep soon. hugs Pam x

Heather x said...

Oh I feel for you hun, I remember those times a good bottle of brandy helps....and not only for rubbing on babba's gums :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw Carly - so been where you are..and it took a lot less than that to have me in tears! Well done you - up half the night and still gettin on in the day. Zips are a knack, if you can find time to practice you'll fall into the knack really fast, honest. When Frankie breaks the teeth problem, all this will be forgotten, promise!

Linda Elbourne said...

Oh Carly ... I so feel for you right now ... but your post is telling me that you are far from stupid and you are coping a lot better than I did ... so there is no need to be embarrassed ... ring the chappie back ... I am sure it will all be fine! Hang in there hunny ... teething will be a dim and distant memory soon enough XXX

Anonymous said...

Aw, poor you and poor Frankie, hope you both get some peace soon. Good luck with the sewing machine, I never mastered them!


Anonymous said...

Lovely dotty fabric! Hope the sewing machine starts behaving itself soon! Hugs, Alison xx

Kim Dellow said...

Lack of sleep will always fray your edges! Hope the teething eases. Love your bargain frame! Kim

Paper and Ribbons said...

I hope the little ones teething is soothed soon. I love your bargain frame, would you mind telling me where you got it from? I love your polka dot fabric choice, my favourite!

Stressed Stamper said...

LOVE Mildred - would buy her if I saw her too...teething children is a nightmare - I feel for you, and when something goes wrong - it goes wrong HUGE style...put away the machine - have a drink and come back another day..why do we always sew when we are tied!?? keep smiling

Spyder said...

great snoop, your little sitting shelf thingy looks like me at the moment!!
Have a crafty day!

Nancy said...

Thanks fgor sharing...I hope that your machine starts behaving for you soon.....and I love that Polka Dot fabric......SUPER CUTE