Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Invite Heaven

Wow! I haven't blogged for about 5 months! I do have an excuse though as I have set up two small businesses and am in the middle of moving house whilst working from home part-time and looking after my 21 month old son. The first business is http://www.inviteheaven.co.uk/ which is a wedding stationery business.

I have attended one wedding fayre which was very scary (especially as I only had a weeks notice to prepare samples etc)!
The website isn't great but it is up and running and now just needs a lot of work.
I have just completed my first official order which I got after doing the wedding fayre.

The order was for black and champagne Pocketfold invitations with 3 insert cards and a velcro closure.
I delivered them last night and the lady was very pleased with them. I have another order for this year and three for weddings in 2012 so it seems to be going quite well.

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